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Arris surfboard sbg65802 is perfect for lowbandwidth home networks, and provides docsis 3. Would like to know if this is the maximum speed i can achieve with these hardware. However check with the isp first to see what modems they required for higher speeds. I recently upgraded to extreme pro which is 600 mbps download speed.

Todays coaxial cable networks can use up to 10 ghz of rf spectrum in all, with some compromises and allowances to deal with possible signal ingress and other types of interference. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Designed as an upgradeable solution for advanced users, the tm1602 enables both home and. If you are having trouble hitting over 35 mbps on your docsis 2. I have rebooted the modem several times and my speeds are around 350 mbps. Little question, i am trying in my lab to measure the maximum upstream speed with docsis 1. The following table shows the key differences between docsis 3. I currently have issues getting any streaming services to show in hd. Understanding data throughput in a docsis world cisco. Hi, im using a terayon bw3200 with motorola 5101 modems. Many factors can affect the speed of your network, including the internet package that you pay for, whether you are on a wired or wireless connection, and the layout of your home. In full duplex communication, the upstream and downstream traffic concurrently use the same spectrum, doubling the efficiency of spectrum use. The speeds in the following table are maximum speeds and are not guaranteed. What is the maximum downstream speed of a docsis modem.

New with fast shipping and toprated customer service. It features a gigabit ethernet port and its cablelabs docsis 3. Offers fast download and upload speeds 343mbps download and 122mbps upload. Troubleshooting slow performance in cable modem networks cisco. This modem is rated at 960 mbps with 24 down and 8 up channels. For example, if one has a cable modem that only supports docsis 1. Changing to a docsis 3 capable modem isnt going to change your maximum speed up, down or sideways, only subscribing to an upgraded tier will. I have an older befcmu10 and just upgraded to a wcg200 which is docsis 2. Experience high speed internet thats quick, easy, and economical. With my old befcmu10 i got a max download speed of 34msec and with the wcg200 im getting 78msec. I have a netgear cm600 cable modem and a hard wired pc using cat 6 cable. This is why you will see the speed listed as 27 mbps, for 64qam, and as 38 mbps, for 256qam. Btw, ive a ds3 internet connection, getting same result with local servers.

Data over cable service interface specification is an international telecommunications. The up used to be closer to 1 mbps, but has improved. There are also three computer in the household, the other two use. Dec 23, 20 my current modem is a linksys cm100 docsis 2. The cm ultrahigh speed cable modem, with speeds up to 6 gbps and docsis 3. Therefore, the mac version determines whether the cable modem is capable of doing 1. Variou issues can affect the performance and speed of cable modems in a. However, when i do the sun jave speed test from the forum tools section i get significantly different speeds than i do from. Download speed 686 mbps, certified for xfinity from comcast, spectrum and cox. Spoke to an xfinity support person regarding the upstream channels locked to docsis 3. Cm500 max speed 300 or 680 mbps always go with ng specs. Bursty or inconstant download performance caused by using a. The netgear cm700 high speed cable modem provides a connection to highspeed cable internet with speeds up to 1.

The netgear cm ultrahigh speed cable modem provides a connection to high speed cable internet with speeds up to 1 gbps. Up to 960 mbps download for streaming hd videos, faster downloads, and highspeed. The netgear cm600 high speed cable modem provides a connection to highspeed cable internet with speeds up to 960 mbps. The modem features both usb and ethernet connectivity, as well as web based diagnistics for quick troubleshooting. Sep 12, 2017 this eventually led to the creation of docsis 2.

However, docsis 3 has the ability to use multiple downstream and upstream channels at the same time channel bonding to maintain. The most significant changes, however, came in 2008 with the introduction to docsis 3. Fwiw im getting 19 mbps down3 mbps up with my linksys cm100 docsis 2, and have been consistently getting that download speed for years. Get all the speed you need from your cable provider without paying monthly modem rental fees. Download speed 686 mbps, certified for xfinity from comcast, spectrum and cox, separate wireless router required for wifi. A gigabit ethernet port provides faster access and downloads.

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